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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
I am curious, why do you want small samples? To recreate very simple square or triangle waves? I am certain it is possible to make really cool sound effects with very small samples but I would like to know why you want to concentrate on these small sizes.
I think it's intended to create sounds similar to the Konami SCC audio chip (as found on some MSX game cartridges) and/or the PC Engine audio chip since it sounds similar too.

Also, note that small samples are extremely inefficiently played by the Amiga due to the way Paula handles looping sounds. Once Paula reaches the end of a sample it raises an interrupt which must be absolutely serviced otherwise Paula cuts the sound short.
This means that short samples generate an awful lot of interruptions, slowing down the rest of whatever is running in the background (a game for example).
Taking this into consideration, I wonder how Antonio Gomez did with his AmiMSX emulator because the SCC(+) chip emulation is pretty good. Anyway only 4 channels are emulated (instead of 5) and the PSG chip isn't emulated. But still...
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