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TysonJacobs shader with Hue control

Some time ago I modified the TysonJacobs shader him posted on this thread to have controls for hue, brightness, contrast and saturation. The code is not mine, I found it on another forum, I only needed to join the fragments. I think I can post it now, I dont contacted him, but TysonJacobs seems to not impose any resistence since I made a comment about the copy, but if him wants I can remove the copy from this thread.

Download and open the file with notepad, and then edit the following lines:

static const float Hue = 0;
static const float Brightness = 0.0;
static const float Contrast = 0.0;
static const float Saturation = 1.0;
You must change these numbers manually replacing it with your preferences for each "control". Then save the file back, remove the .txt extension of its name and put the file in the "\Plugins\filtershaders\direct3d" folder of WinUAE.

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