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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
A real Blizzard IV 1230 use a 68030 running at *50 Mhz* not 40.

I had in the past sound problems, and toni had a look (due to many users complaining about sound stuttering).

I use the very latest Winuae beta on my laptop Dual Core (same version as the one i have on my desktop computer), and i get no sound trickery.

About the sound instead of using 48khz, use 44khz that's enough (beyond it's quickly a ressource hog, even on my quadricore computer, so imagine with a dual core !).

I wonder even how you get sound problems on your core i3. It's a very powerful CPU, so something must be wrong somewhere.
Well, firstly thanks for your response!

The reason because I have problems with the WinUAE speed is because of the "cycle exact speed" switch. When I disable it and set the speed to "Fastest possible", it can run everything I load on it (but without "more compatible" switch, because it hurts performance too...).

I enable "cycle exact" because I would like to simulate the "perceived" speed of a accelerator equipped Amiga, to have the "feel" that an 1995 Amiga user had. So, its not really necessary for myself to have it enabled, of course, but what I didnt understood from reading EAB and other Amiga-forums, is why only myself have such problems with WinUAE...

May seem a stupid question now, but I was always asking for myself that, since I thought that everyone was using "only" cycle-exact now, since it is infinitely superior.

And when I enable "approximate A500/A1200 CPU speed", the speed is good too, but not so good like with the "Fastest possible" toggled on.

Its only because that which I was "bugging" Toni to see if him can fix that.

The big "bottleneck" I can see from my everyday use of WinUAE, is copper-rainbows (it hurts performance when on the WB desktop), and curiously, access to hard-drive, because while it is really fast, when I enable a mere copper-rainbow on WB, all other tasks together, like sound and screen update, gets slower (I say "mere", because it seemed a so trivial procedure for an Amiga to do).

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