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Spot: It's not a mode on/off, you set a combo of options in the monitor OSD menu, i.e. not optimal settings for PC gaming and desktop use for me. Don't want to do that every time I start an emu, so just the autoswitch to 50 Hz mode in emu fullscreen and correct settings outside emu will be my choice. But I can test and report back if the settings combo improves motion blur fix beyond black frame insertion, then you can know if it works. If you make dedicated emu setups you should be able to make these settings once and for all, so.

Edit: tested, and adding Lightstrobe (basically 3D mode+a view angle profile on my monitor) removes flicker without b0rking the color curve. It's OK pic brightness at 100% brightness, I would say you could use it. But scanlines makes the pic too dark. On screens with even higher element intensity (static contrast), it should be more than acceptable.

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