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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
Yep, generally does what it says on the tin and just 'fixes the motion blur' but the only way I could make flicker bearable was to set max monitor brightness which makes colors look wrong. It would be better to not have to change monitor settings, i.e. adapt a color curve for WinUAE, but the only way I think that could work would be to still max the monitor brightness.

With scanlines the eye could be made to mix pixel colors with the black scanlines again, but there's no x:x option to match them up to Amiga-pixel lines on my 2x Null Filter scaling. (All other modes look horrible with swimming pattern when things move or uneven scanline spacing). 1:1 works, but doesn't reduce pixel-blockiness ofc, and pic is even more dark.
I have read that some monitors who incorporate black frame retention natively actually do not display a completely black image but rather a lower intensity one so as to reduce the flickering.

Maybe that would work? But clearly that would require a bit of coding.

Another idea thrown out on the wall to see if it sticks: a scanline mode with the reduced intensity scan lines being switched every frame with the high intensity ones. Maybe there would not be too much flicker is the difference fence in intensity is not too high.

I was also thinking about exploiting the fact that your monitor can refresh at 120Hz but the only things I could think of implied acting once every five frames which might not work to alleviate the blur.

Not very useful but these ideas popped into my inner kitten's head after I read that thread so I thought someone might make better use of them than me.
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