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Sound strange problem with Car-Vup

Hello and thanks for reading this message:

I have a very simple question, which can not find solution.

When I emulate the game Car-Vup in WinUAE, some sounds are not heard and others sound like distorted.

For example, when "Oh, oh .. Turbo!" is heard, this sound sounds bad/horrible, totally distorted.
Another example is the character who appears in every scene of the game, it does a pretty funny sound every time the car passes beside it. That sound does not sound.

Add two videos on Youtube. The first is the original directly on the Amiga:
[ Show youtube player ]
The second video, emulated with WINUAE:
[ Show youtube player ]
(example sound "Turbo" in 2:57): [ Show youtube player ]

I tried on two different computers and I modified the sound options several times, but the problem continues.

Does anyone know if it is a failure of the ROM, or if WinUAE is unable to properly emulate the sound of this game ?.

Greetings and thank you.
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