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Hi kamelito,

Thank you for such a lovely welcome, it's great to be around others who love this game so much.

can you tell us what is the language and libraries you're using for your port?

Unfotunately my version isn't actually a port, its a complete rewrite made by mostly observing the game in action and monitoring the execution of some of the Z80 code on the Amstrad version. It's written in C# using the XNA libraries. These are very specific to Microsoft and actually use the 3D hardware of the video card to draw the graphics i.e. sprites are 2D vertices etc.

I suspect it wouldn't be possible to port it to the Amiga One unless someone out there ports the XNA system libraries and creates a C# compiler to that platform. Monogame exists for Linux and Mac (which might make it possible to port it to those versions) but I would have thought an Amiga One version would be unlikely I'm afraid due to the resources required.

I'm with Galahad regarding time. It has taken me around five years to get my remake this far (and ten years of creating other versions up to this point, I've restarted the project four times), I just don't have much of it available to dedicate to game making and getting this version out is going to a pretty big push! I think Galahad is wise to just get a version out that works on the Amiga, reworking the entire game with constitute quite a big rewrite and the Amiga is not a simple system. Maybe in the future though and if that time comes I would be happy to make the graphs available for rescaling back down to the Amiga's resolution.

I agree with Dunny regarding the resolution. On the older systems where colour depth is a limitation, adding more details results in graphics that don't look all that great, then there's also the slowdown associated with having to move what are effectively large objects around the screen.

Hopefully in my version where these limitations don't exist, I've managed to utilise the full true colour palette to make my graphics look acceptable. It's hard to tell when you're watching YouTube so here are some screenshots:
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