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Originally Posted by Joe Maroni View Post
Let's see what will be shown at the 30th Amiga event this weekend in Germany...
No need to take any decision or forge an opinion when so little information is available.

It is the first kind of "pay me as I build this" model I have seen yet and it seems normal that the system is not balanced yet (high price if game lasts several months, etc.). Let us give him time and see what comes out of it.

Also, people can just give him an initial encouragement by sponsoring him at 1$ per month. That's nothing but if 500 people do it this will give him a nice support. (This number might be unrealistic but it is here just to illustrate the principle, let us not be distracted by details.)

At least he seems to be attempting something.
People with no ill track record should always be given the benefit of the doubt.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I think you need a bit more work done before you go and ask people for their collaboration.
There is a whole spectrum of choices between "blind" support and requiring absolute progress measures.
At 1$ per month I can give him a little nudge and be fine with losing it entirely.
Being risk adverse is silly when the loss is minimal.
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