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Hi Guys,

I've just learnt about an Amiga version of Startquake and I'm very excited. I recall back in the day that an Amiga version was planned but never released. I think some software companies were even advertising it in the magazines. I was also fascinated to see the Staquake 2 demo. It's interesting and I would love to know what direction they were planning to go in. There a lot of stuff like multiple powerups on a single screen so I'm wondering if they were looking to go in the collect em up and score lots of points direction.... I suspect the level layout present is little more than test data.

Anyway, I should introduce myself, I'm Damien Green aka endangermice. I'm currently working on a Starquake remake for the PC (via XNA). The project was on a light (2 year hiatus) but I'm back working on it now and it is very nearly finished! I see that Kamelito very kindly linked to one of my videos when discussing improving the graphics. I think it would be nice to see the game make use of some of the Amiga's features but I guess that comes down to the way in which the conversion has been written which might place some constraints on customisations like this.

My GFX are designed for 1024 x 768 so some way off the Amiga's resolution of 320 x 256. It might be possible to rescale some of my GFX but I fear a lot of details could be lost and they may not look so good. From memory (I'm on holiday at the moment, which is great becuase once settled I will do some more work on the remake) the graphics follow the general aspect of the original albeit at a higher resolution so a conversion may be possible, though I would like to release my version first (I'm anticipating year's end - I must have a target or it will never be done!). The other problem is that I make heavy use of alpha and I know the Amiga doesn't so this may also make a conversion a little tricky though all may be well on a black background.

Anyway food for thought, of course my GFX are true colour so it may not be possible to make them look any good in 32 colours without redrawing (presume EHB mode too slow...?) but it is a potential option.

Best of work with the conversion Galahad, I don't envy your task!

All the best,


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