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Well Akira, you now make your point perfectly clear and I agree to some point about the boycotting! But game styles have always come and gone. There will be a time when the softcos have to be a bit more original, coz the market will get so drenched that they wont get enuf sales. However, if one works for a softco it would be a lot easier to sell an idea.

Your rant on 3D is bad tho. Zelda on the N64 is a very good game and its in


I have just thought of another good 3D game and its retro - Sentinel. I loved that game. One may laugh but I think its good. A bit slow on the Amiga though, and even slower on the Spectrum! The PSone version wasn't bad due to the better speed.

Anyway most of you have missed the point of the thread! Its point really was to discuss when 3D was good (ie in the Amiga days - read my first original post, I am too lazy to quote!), which it is, its just got a bit boring lately, except for Crazy Taxi, Tony Hawkes, Mario 64, Daytona 2001, Goldeneye, Blast Corps, MSR, Driver, Jet Set Radio and a few more!

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