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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
There's more to switching PAL/NTSC: The C64 Reloaded is shipped with a 8701 replacement circuit for timing generation. This timing generator is PAL, and it puts the PAL/NTSC jumper "out of service".

To make it NTSC, you will either need a real 8701 chip as timing generator, or an NTSC version of the 8701-replacement, which is available separately.

New C64 Reloaded boards are in the making. I expect that there will be two more waves until they are sold out.

I installed a NTSC VIC and set appropriate jumpers and it was displaying B&W on my Commodore 1084S, this might be why. (Displays fine on my S-Video HDTV) Where can I get this NTSC 8701 chip?
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