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Originally Posted by Joe Maroni View Post
How about support a new Amiga game..?

it will be presented on the 30 years event this weekend in Germany..
Nice initiative, interesting use of Patreon rather than Kickstarter.
I will definitely support him.

But damn, he is clearly competing with item 10-or-so on my list of future projects:
  • Bullet Hell (<- that's the real only common point )
  • Modern Art
  • Rythmbased
  • All Assembler
  • Full Framerate (<- goes without saying)
  • Flow Experience
I have been thinking of ways to implement a bullet hell shoot'em up on the stock A500 for quite a while and I can understand why he is using the "modern art" approach to graphics since it can be both beautiful and light in DMA resources.

Now, let's log into Patreon and see what he will produce!

Update: wait, he is a patron of his own project on Patreon, what sense does this make?
Also, his name is nowhere to be seen on the HOL credits of North Sea Inferno Amiga ( which he states to have contributed to, I am officially confused.

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