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Ohhh, I love the concept.

The ones I ought to buy, then finish:
  • Battle Squadron, cracked version had an empty subterranean level, easy to beat, but man is it expensive,
  • BlackCrypt, love it, not sure why I never finished it then, quite expensive too these days,
  • DM II, loved it on the 1200 but sloooow, hard to find these days alas
  • Eye of the Beholder II, never played yet,
  • Moonstone! When I get rich or if I ever lose control of my finances.
Those I have and want to beat:
  • Super Hang On, beat the cracked version in the old days, have yet to re-master it, far from Arcade perfect alas,
  • Chaos Strikes Back, never played then, bought it a few months ago, hard but nice, feels a bit slow though, maybe I need more memory
  • Eye of the Beholder, good game but ergonomy so worse than DM...
  • Scramble Spirits, ECS unfriendly, thank God Galahad the great made a patch,
  • P 47, US Gold alas but I want to see it through,
  • Super Monaco GP, not played yet
  • Double Dragon II, yet unpacked,
  • Final Fight, needs to be mold treated first,
  • Ninja Warriors, same,
  • Bonanza Bros, same,
  • Crack Down,
  • Line of Fire, was really pleasantly surprised by this conversion but it is hard
And let's add those I do not want to beat because they suck to high hell:
  • Street Fighter II, US Gold, enough said,
  • Chase HQ, same,
  • ThunderBlade, same,
  • Hydra, I'm actually on the fence, it is bad, but not horribly so,
  • Magic Johnson Basketball, damn, this one is bad,
  • SNK Fighting Soccer, horrible, I hope the arcade is better,
  • Curse of the Azure Bond, just too outdated and never was my cup of tea,
  • Champions of Krynn, same

Originally Posted by Overdoc View Post
On my liste there is:
Sword of Sodan (always failed at that wizard at the end...I must beat him one day!)
I am in awe, I found this game dreadful to play back in the day and it amazes me that someone would want to reach the end.

Originally Posted by Overdoc View Post
Rise of the Robots (have to beat it on hard level to get to the end fight, but always failed at the second to last robot)
Now, I am in stupor.
The idea that people exist who would 1) consider Rise of the Robots to be an actual game, 2) also want to play it, 3) to the very end!, is completely out of my comprehension.

Sir, I have no idea how you manage to like that ... thing ... but you must have super powers or something because this program is for me nothing but a painful reminder of US Gold (negative) contribution to the Amiga ecosystem and the world in general. I am not sure if I should cheer you or cry tears of sadness on your behalf.

No offence meant Sir/mate but you are definitely a special kind of kitten.

Erratum: US Gold has nothing to do with RoTR, my mistake.

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