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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Closed source also allows people to contribute: by writing a replacement from scratch, free from the constraints of the original.

Doom clones didn't wait for Id Software to release Doom's sources to appear.
These guys coded their own.

If there are no coders motivated enough to start a replacement for <Insert-Your-Favorite-Project-Here> from scratch it is unlikely hat there will be many to fork and maintain an open source version. In both cases you need a full team to produce new content so if that team does not exist now, the existence of open sources is not going to make it appear magically.

UAE is open source and is a fantastically important project: how many contributors? Not even a handful. (Thanks Toni for your dedication by the way!)
I assume from your comment you don't contribute to open source ?

Much proprietary software uses open licenses - especially BSD or LGPL components. From OSX, Routers, TVs, to Windows. They didn't rewrite everything themselves.

UAE is well maintained by Toni, but the FS-UAE project has fed back code, and there are forks of the code for other devices such as Pandora, Android, RPI etc. All possible because of the open nature.

I have worked on lots of free software, some which had been abandoned or moved in a different direction.

Amiga software benefits massively from open source. Where do you think the compilers come from ? We are not all using SAS/C.

In your view, when SAS/C was abandoned we should have all remade a new closed source Compiler.. Funnily enough, there is no point reinventing the wheel every time..

A quick google will give you free software projects that lacked a maintainer that were taken on - it happens all the time.

From Mandriva, to Mate (from GNOME2), to XBMC (for original xbox)

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