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My A1200 is 23 years young. Other than the keyboard and the floppy drive it worked perfectly when I brought it out of storage a couple of years ago. In those two years I've upgraded it with a better accelerator, an indivision aga 2, internet access and a cf hard-drive plus a bunch of other bits and bobs. It's a living, breathing machine with a whole host of new, modern hardware being developed for it. Some of the stuff on the horizon (fpga, prism megamix) looks really exciting and I bet there aren't many 'retro' computer systems which can boast such a wide ranging and useful range of addons being produced over 2 decades after it was launched

The problem is the Amiga software scene is not nearly as healthy. There are very few (if any) AAA pieces of software being developed, either in the way of productivity or games. From a software PoV it's going nowhere fast and we all get along for the most part with the same software that we used in the 90s.

For me that's what makes novacoder's conversions so interesting. Ok it's old software but it gives us new stuff to play with. In the absence of the big software houses paying any attention to an old computer which is only preserved by well meaning, diehard enthusiasts, this will have to suffice. And it does nicely!

It's a shame we can't pay nova and talented people like him to convert a bunch of other games for our beloved amigas. Half Life and Magic Carpet and syndicate wars anyone?

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