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Originally posted by Unknown_K
Yup im kissing his ass by pointing out YOU are making him money and helping him keep his stanglehold on the OS world by supporting his OS.

Bill gates is too busy counting the money made from people who cant stand his product or his guts but still make a living for him and themselves developing for M$.

I havnt purchased an OS from gates since windows 95, win3.1 and dos, and dont buy prebuilt computer with the M$ tax. So basically he would not be too pleased with me (I am the kind of person he doesnt make money off of anymore), you on the other hand he would buy a beer.
The Keeping the Dream alive thread was not directed @ you but you don't mind posting in it defending the M$ position and kissing the asses of each and every Microsoft employee, they appricate your unpaid support and loyality slave. Bill Gates does not buy any of his slaves a beer, he respects, is nice too and studys those that are against him.
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