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Sorry for digging out this oooold thread, but I overlooked it back then.

On my list there is:
Sword of Sodan (always failed at that wizard at the end...I must beat him one day!)
Push Over (yeah, stuck at level 98 for me, too)
Chase HQ II (never could finish that last level before the bomb explodes)
Shadow of the Beast 1 (made to the graveyard)
Rise of the Robots (have to beat it on hard level to get to the end fight, but always failed at the second to last robot)
Lost Vikings (somehow I could not beat the last level, did not find a key or something ?!?)
BC Kid (made it to last level)
Bignose the Caveman (again, made it to the last level but never finished it)
Puggsy (finished it, but did only 49 levels out of 50, and could not find the entrance to this one level... It says you see a special ending if you complete all 50, so I would really like to try again one day)
Nicky Boum II (could not beat that witch at the end )
Terminator II (only played it one time and made it to the end fight on the fist go, where you have to shoot holes in the truck, but didn't finish the game. I should definitely try again!)
Mouse Trap (I think I made it to level 38 out of 40 or something ? )
Targhan (made it to the end of game fight, but didn't have enough power left. You can save in that game, so I must try to play better in the earlier stages to have more lives/power left at the end)
Elvira Arcade (killed everything in the fire level and picked up everything, but could not finish the level ?!?)
Wonderdog: (made it to the end of game fight, but never killed him )
Motörhead: (always died in the last level...must be possible to finish this!)

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