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Possibly I could use this as a demo for getting an artist on-board, but I'm not holding out any hope for that. Though if I did manage to attract an artist I could replace all the assets - create new ships and levels etc. New levels would be great as the old ones are small and aren't best designed for more than 2 players at a time.

There's a new build available:
Roketz WebGL Alpha_08_10_2015

Sporting the beginnings of a front end. You have to select 'multiplayer', I'm building that section of the game first so for now singleplayer does nothing. The only levels currently working are Wasteland, Refinery and Airduct. The other levels can't be selected yet.

Next on the list of things to do is the other levels and ship selection. I imagine I'll re-use the ship selection screen from Roketz but split the screen into quadrants, a quarter for each of the possible 4 human players. Then I'll draw each players ship setup in their quarter.
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