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Originally posted by Pyromania
Wrong, I still develop for Amiga, work hard to make the Amiga version of my products better and bring over products from Windows to the Amiga OS to help it grow. If I was a slave I would only develop for Windows and praise it the way you do. Who is the real slave here? Most of my machines @ home are SGI and Amiga based. Also I have a genius programmer working hard on a new product for me that might make this whole arguement Obsolete. It might even knock down M$ a notch or two. It won't be available for 3 or 4 years though. But since you work for M$ I should not be telling you about it.
Im not praising anything, just stating facts most people here can see the difference. But I am not also calling a platform and an os satan and then on the other hand making a product that you hope people will buy and propogate their dependence on Windows based hardware. Saying you are trying to get out of the M$ platform in the future is no different then a crack dealer saying he wants to be a pharmasist down the road. Its what you do now that counts, and the crack dealer at least has the sense to keep his mouth shut about what he is doing.

I dont develope for microsoft, you do.
I dont ask people to use M$, I am all for freedom of choice. You are asking people to use M$ because you have a product thats needs the OS to run.

Basically your a hipocrit, calling M$ the devil but supporting the devil at the same time. The fact that you lower yourself to developing on a platform you despise and make such a fuss about proves nobody should listen to a dam thing you say. At least the Linux fanatics dont have windows loaded on there machines at home.
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