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Converting Compact Flash card contents into HDF file

I have a Compact Flash Card containing a workbench I set up a while ago. I kept the hdf file on my PC but I've since deleted it. I'm looking to convert the CF card contents into a hdf file I can use again in WinUAE.

I googled and saw a suggestion of using a program called tsgui.

I used it and created an hdf file, but when I mount it in winuae, it says that it is not a DOS disk in DH0. Has anyone successfully been able to convert their CF card file into an HDF and use it in Winuae or are there other methods?

Separately, I created an hdf by mounting the CF card as a hard drive and then making an HDF file from it by choosing that option in Winuae, but again when I boot from the hdf file it says not a DOS disk in DH0.



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