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I remember this well - nice choice of project!

I guess with "destructible terrain" you mean something like Gravity Force 2 has. Could be interesting. Similar to activate switches or some other feature that open/close gates or whatever (e.g. special weapon/mode, transporter, gravity malfunction, darth vader mode, ...).
Yea like GF2. The other stuff - more environmental dangers with switches and gates and such - would probably need more art assets. I'm currently trying to build the game purely around what I can rip from the old games. I have thought about using some of the assets from the DOS version to get more weapons and equipment - depending on if a) I can rip those assets and b) if they play nice with the Amiga assets - they might be in a different scale or simply look out of place if the palette/style was changed too much. The DOS version had more (and much bigger) levels, which would be a nice addition.

But other than that I can't add anything that requires art content, as this whole thing started because I couldn't locate an artist willing to collaborate on the project!

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