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Originally posted by Pyromania
They only made themselves the standard by controlling the distribution channel, butchering fellow software devlopers and evil ethics. They are the standard by spilling the blood of many developers and stealing their ideas. Fall in love with that if you must. Do you work for M$?
First off you have some balls quoting what I said and adding your own comments to make it look like I typed it that way.

Second your amiga was a proprietary hardware platform with a proprietary os running on it BOTH controlled by 1 company. So if M$ is the devil controlling just the software side on pc's what does that make Commodore or Apple that has both ends sown up?

As far as developers goes how many companies has apple fucked by giving out their free iApps and making competing products to adobe and other companies or plain going out and buying audio hardware companies and discontinuing the PC version of their software? You think apple would be a saint if they owned the home computer market? I would say the way commodore ran their company we would be one fucking hell of alot worse off if they owned the market.

I guess your just to hung up on commodore (even though you develope on the satan machine like a good little money grubbing developer) to see that there is no difference in WHO ended up owning the market, because to get where we are todat SOMEBODY would have had to own it.

As far as developers go, fuck them if they dont make what I want at a price I am willing to pay for the platform I chose to use. The whole point of capitalism is servival of the fittest, if you cant play with the big boys then go home. There is nothing evil in business, there are legal rules you need to follow, if you get out of line you get penalized, nothing more nothing less.
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