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Unfortanaly for us the computer industry is controlled by the masses/millions of users that would not know how to login into their ISP and browse the web without Internet Explorer. It is not that they only want to use IE, they just don’t know how to use anything else. These users can’t be bothered to learn much more about the computer than the few apps they need to use. When buying their machine they go with Windows because they don’t know there is anything else, M$ controls what OS gets installed on major brands even Sony, and restrictive M$ contracts stop any dual booting or including another operating system. But the most profound thing that none of these users may ever realize is that each night as they login to their PC, each morning that they use the computer at work they may never know the most scary thing about their machine is that;


The operating system that they use is from the same vendor as their Word Processing program, Spreadsheet program, ,e-mail program, web design program, photo editing program, and presentation program. And if they are epically unlucky and shop @ Best Buy their ISP is also from that very same vendor. Also that same vendor also wants to control their entertainment game system and their television, in fact they might already be watching MSNBC. You will never see a story on MSNBC or NBC for that matter that protrays M$ in a bad light. Microsoft also wants to control their PDA, their cell phone, and even their toilets.,00.asp

One company should never have that much power and then try to grab even more. I hope that everyone @ EAB is smarter than this message that one company should control all of our IT needs. I know that M$ has spent billions of dollars trying to convince everyone their way is the only way but please people don’t be slaves and blinded from the truth. The truth that the computer industry does not need Microsoft for everything and would be a better off without their system of control. Learn this fact before it is too late. Some on EAB don't like it when I mention M$ in a bad light but wake up from your illusion people, M$ does not give two sh*ts about you, they don't need anymore of your money. You have given them enough already. And they want to control everything you use on your computer and they want to sell your private information to every Tom, Dick and Hairy that pays them for it.

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