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None of the Amiga family of OSes have USB 3.0 support. As others have said, it's probably down to there being USB 2.0 support in the SoC. If USB 3 support comes along then it's trivial to add a USB 3 PCIe card, just like many people did with USB 2 cards in their A1-XE machines. But fitting it to a new board as an extra will have the effect of a) pushing the price up due to the extra development and testing involved, and b) complaints from lots of people about the board being shipped with unsupported features, which invariably leads to the usual OS4 slagging, having a dig at Hyperion / A-Eon / AmigaKit and so on.

Because OS4 doesn't support USB 3.0. Hell, it only just got 2.0 support last year or so! It was 1.1 before that, so don't expect 3.0 any time soon.
2011 actually, but still pretty late to the game. Personally though I wouldn't consider USB 3 a high priority - hell, I don't even own a single USB 3 peripheral even though I have two PCs with USB 3 at home. If it were me I'd be more worried about drivers for other things and would prioritise things like drivers for HD audio, gigabit networking and so on.

I simply cannot understand why ppl spend $$$$ on AmigaOne systems. I just don't see the attraction.
Yeah, the high end ones are expensive alright - too expensive for me anyway, but everyone has different interests. There are plenty of things I spend my money on that you wouldn't understand, and likewise I'm sure there are things you'd spend money on that I wouldn't be interested in.

No 3D Acceleration in that config unfortunately. No sure why this can't be done if you have a beefy GFX card on the PC. Maybe in the next version of WinUAE?
Hopefully it can be added, but for now both the hardware and software sides of the emulation are limited. The hardware emulation is limited to classic accelerators and graphics cards and their respective limitations. This means Cyberstorm and Picasso-IV class machines at best. On the software side, nobody has written WinUAE "passthrough" drivers to allow OS4 to use Windows hardware resources directly in the way OS3 can (uaegfx for example is OS3/68k only), which is why it's so limited.
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