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I agree there with the balancing - Roketz was not as good gameplay-wise as some of the other thrust-a-like games. I want to tweak a lot of the design so that it plays better - some weapons/equipment were overpowered or just not fun to use. I always thought the cloaking device was a bit lame, for example. Roketz for me just had a certain style or atmosphere or something that really attracted me to it, which is why I want to rebuild it and 'fix' certain design flaws and introduce new features.

I actually thought about implementing google analytics so that I can get detailed feedback from people as they play - though the effectiveness would depend on how many people I could get to test it! That way I can see if any weapon/ship/equipment is over-powered compared to others, etc, using detailed statistics on how people actually play the game - and make adjustments accordingly.

I will be implementing AI - I actually wrote a Roketz-like game (which I'm reusing code from) but I couldn't find an artist to work with (hence I decided to work with the original games assets instead). I already spent a vast amount of time working on an AI for that game which I will be bringing over to this project. However, I agree that multiplayer is the key.

Ideally I'd find the original devs and come to some agreement with them over licensing and get this out on Steam so that I can use Steam as a platform for match-making multiplayer games, but I think realistically that's probably a pipe dream. Not least of all because I don't think the existing maps are well designed for a modern multiplayer game.

But, hopefully someone will get a kick out of this!

Edit: Also - destructible terrain was something missing from Roketz. I wonder if that would interest people? I already wrote a system that does something similar you can look at over here:Into Deep game info stuff

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