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Originally Posted by zeke1312 View Post
I don't understand a couple of things. "A rom file not a directory". Is that what's in this screen shot? If not how do I move the rom file and key to a file, not a directory. What is a directory? Or how do I make the rom file a file and not in a directory?

This is a directory:

And this is a file:

~/my-applications is a directory
~/my-applications/amiga is a directory
~/my-applications/amiga/rom is a directory
~/my-applications/amiga/rom/kick.rom is a directory <== you selected this, that's your mistake
~/my-applications/amiga/rom/rom.key does not exist <== you selected this, that's a mistake, too
~/my-applications/amiga/rom/kick.rom/amiga-os-310-a1200.rom is a file <== you have to select this
~/my-applications/amiga/rom/kick.rom/rom.key is a file <== and this

All of the above assume that ~ is the same as /root.

Can't you just click on "change" and select the proper file from the requester?
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