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Porting the Amiga game Roketz


I've started porting the classic Amiga game 'Roketz' to Unity such that I can add new features to it and what not. It should also be able to run on just about any modern machine with a CPU in it; PC, Mac, Linux, All the consoles, iOS, Android, Web Browsers. I doubt that unless I can find the original devs that I could do a proper release of it, but it's fun to mess with anyhow...

I've had quite a lot of help so far from people on this forum so I'd like to make a sort of devlog here of what I'm doing for people to follow.

Anyone remember this game fondly?

Latest news:
I've got the go-ahead to do an official release from the original developers of the game, so I'm stopping providing builds for the moment to concentrate on getting this thing done!

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