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I too had similar probs with my CD32 not playing CDR`s, then I got some info from eab and my solution was to use these disks which work 99% of the time and also I burn them using nero 7 and my fail rate is nearly zero, here is a link for the disks

As your CD32 plays legit CD`d then I can say with certainty that your problem too lies with the type of CDr and Burning software
Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm afraid they don't have those here (I live in south america).

This is driving me nuts... Just tried another game, Sensible Soccer (Int version). This one also boots up fine, shows me the intros, I get to the the menu, even select the teams, etc, and when I hit "play match" just goes to black screen, disc doesn't even spin at all nor does the drive try to do anything...
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