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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
oh yes Please Nova, do you have anything to share about Ultima VII ?
Sorry my friend but my Ultima VII port isn't good enough to be released, if I ever get back to Miggy coding then I'll try and finish it.

Originally Posted by Nobby_UK View Post
Yeah, nothing since 2015-09-30 (DOpus4Catalogs.lha)
I think AmiNet is on strike

I'll upload a version to the Zone, just trying to optimize the sound engine a little.

OK it's now in the Zone here on EAB.

This port uses AHI, it's really important that people use v4.18 of AHI with one of the 'FAST' modes set to be used in the AHI Prefs otherwise it will run slow on a real Amiga (this is true for any of my ports that use AHI).

BTW Boing Bags 3/4 will upgrade your Amiga to v6.x of AHI so check what version you are actually running.

I'm also recommending that people use a 3.1 ROM (real or virtual) as I'm compiling against the 3.9 SDK which means that certain functions may run slowly on 3.0 (again this is true for all of my ports).

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