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Toni Wilen
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Beta 15:

- KS1.2 boot hack improved, now also works with KS 1.1, KS 1.0 and even with 0.7 beta!
- Added old style >2M chip RAM support back as a fallback, used when new method can't extend chip ram size.
- Fixed CAS2 instruction comparison failed case, memory operands should be written to Dc, not Du.
- Support DSKLEN writes while disk DMA is active, update only remaining DMA length without modifying DMA state (undocumented feature).
- If ROM scanner finds same ROM image multiple times, select plain file version if possible (not in archive).

Pre-KS 1.2 boot notes:
- KS 1.1 and older DOS is pure BCPL. Added separate BCPL entry point to directory filesystem handler that makes BCPL DOS happy.
- Expansion.library does not exist: MakeDosNode and AddDosNode replacements added.
- Directory filesystem automount/boot fully supported.
- Hardfiles work more or less same as with KS 1.3.
- Boot priority sorting is not supported, first drive is always boot drive. (This can change in the future, don't depend on current behavior!)
- WB 1.3 L:FastFileSystem is supported with 1.2 and older versions. (Automatically puts it inside BCPL wrapper and patches 1.2+ only CopyMem() calls)
- BCPL stuff from AROS m68k. Most of DOS BCPL was re-implemented and documented by Jason and me in AROS m68k.
- This completes one of the most pointless features ever. Until next most pointless feature.

[I can write detailed technical description of how pre-1.3 HD booting works and what kind of hacks and BCPL tricks were needed]
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