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Last ninja 2

Originally Posted by Konrad View Post
You will find that most(!) classic games won't run (correctly) on an A1200. Some will crash, others will show graphics corruption. And a few titles which will run too fast.

There are two ways:
1. SoftKick -> booting in another kickstart, f.ex from an A500 with OCS/ECS chipset emulation. This is what I did before option 2 below was developed.

2. WHDLoad -> If you got a harddisk then definitely go for this. Simply said it's an HD-installer for old games. Almost all are fixed for A1200/AGA and will run from your harddisk without disk swapping required. WHDLoad-archives with pre-installed games are relatively easy to find on the net.

3) find aga fixed cracked versions (if one exists)

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