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Originally Posted by saimon69 View Post
Or go to the slower CPU driven route, that could handle 8 colours (in virtua race genesis i can see 16 but with well chosen colors and dither fill should be still doable) around 10fps - for a base 500 is not that bad, or maybe a mixed approach cpu first then blitter? (not a 3d programmer so might say something stupid)
Ok, I will possibly have to eat my underpants if I end up being wrong but I am willing to bet that Virtua Racing can be done on Amiga OCS at 30FPS (that is, about one third better than the Genesis's 20) and 16 colors (*). There are ways around the fill rate limitation of the blitter that I haven't tested/validated yet but which I think can give really nice results.

Now, I do not have anything but my imagination to back this assumption, so please be kind to remind me I said that in one year or two and I'll post a video of me eating my boxers on Youtube if I haven't produced anything.

Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
How far developed is Amiga C? I ask because there is the full source code available for Alien 8 / Ultimate and i'm wondering how easy that would be to get running on Amiga by someone whos good with C?
I think i'm figuring out why Treasure Trap was so slow, as I suspect they lazily replotted EVERYTHING every frame!!
Just like good old Tiertex and other US Gold friends did back in the day.
Why bother using hardware scrolling when you can use the CPU to replot everything?

(*) Possibly with less polygons but still visually faithful to the arcade version.
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