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AMIGA CD32 - New Laser needed?

Hi Folks,

Long story short, had an Amiga CD32, sold it and bought another complete in box.

Now it seems I didn't make such a good deal, as this new one is not really reading my compilation CDs...

Well, I take that back, and this is what puzzles me and maybe you can shed some light on:

If I put a compilation disc in, it will load up just fine, disc constantly spinning, get the menu, music, etc. all good...

However, when I select a game, it doesn't load, it just sits there reading bits at a time, with the disc spinning, then stopping, then spinning, etc...

Does this probably mean I need a new laser? If so, why is it that it loads menus and stuff all fine? I would think if the laser is bad to not read CD-Rs well, it would not even read that?

Help much appreciated...
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