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So I've sold my ACA1231/42 but I have an old Hawk Ramboard. I remember it never was working with 8mb fast ram, so I've decided to use a simple OS like BetterWB.

To my surprise it has booted with near 7Mb of fast .

I want to tell that "Don't ShowIBorder" in the WBStartup was hanging the system (not in WinUAE though), so I've disabled it. Appart of that it works perfect

I've got a problem though. A bit offtopic but maybe you can help me. When I try to play any game using Whdload it hangs. They don't hang if I change the jumpers of the Hawk to use 4Mb, but then some games don't work as they need more fast mem.

I've tried for example Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis Adv (8mb selected in the ramboard) and it hangs with WHDload, but as I've got the floppies I've installed it using them and the game works perfect.

Is there any tool I should try changing in WHDload?

Edit: Forget about that. I've re-read my old post about the Hawk and it's normal that it shows 8Mb, but they don't work. At least it works right with 4Mb and your OS wastes few memory.

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