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The difference between the PC and the MSX is that if you run a software in an MSX 2, you can be sure it will run in the very same way in any other MSX 2, whoever have manufactured it. They had standards, and they respected the standards. And the only deal that Microsoft had with the MSX was programming MSX-DOS (Which I have to admit isn't that bad ), and Basic MSX (Which I have to admit, it's the best Basic I ever used), they didn't do anything else. The MSX was supposed to be a japanese computer for the japanese people (Actually, from what I understand, most japanese products are made for japanese people, they don't care to make it good for other people), so Ascii (The guys who REALLY made the MSX standard) never cared about the market outside Japan. Thank God some people were smart enough to understand that the MSX would be popular OUTSIDE the Japan too

And MSX is no "MicroSoft eXtended", this was the way Microsoft wanted to be
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