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Originally posted by Antiriad
Lovely speech Pyro, but the dream died in 1994.

Sad, but true.
Not neccessarily true unless you're saying that the death of CBM is the reason why

I actually was hoping that the rumor about big blue back then was coming true and they were indeed gonna purchase the remaining assets from CBM. I think they would've found a nice market for video/audio production machines

I actully think that Irving Gould and his cronies ran the company into the ground after Jack Tremiel left, they are more responsible for the demise of CBM then I think anybody else was. Basically just take the money and run, the precursor to Enron

Ok, off my soapbox now. As for the death knell of the Amiga, I guess it would be if there weren't so many forums and sites still devoted to this great machine. As long as there are active users out there it will never really die
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