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Choose your door, choose your fate.

+ very powerful
+ CISC like 68k
- little endian only (68k is big endian which creates major problems)
- ugly ISA and encoding

+ cheap
+ energy efficient
+ bi-endian with little endian default (minor endian problems with 68k)
- RISC (like PPC, different compared to the 68k)
- weak performance in general, especially single core performance

+ moderately powerful
+ bi-endian with big endian default (no endian problems with 68k)
- RISC (very different compared to the 68k)
- relatively expensive and small selection of mostly embedded CPUs

68k (enhanced)
+ CISC (perfect compatibility with itself)
+ big endian (perfect compatibility with itself)
+ potentially as powerful as x86 (better ISA, encoding, and code density than x86)
+ fully customizable for the Amiga and development can be fully controlled
+ FPGA and ASIC technology is getting cheaper all the time
+ unique and different product is more marketable
- development cost and time is expensive for a small market
- FPGA CPU is weak, ASIC needs quantity or expensive
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