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New Game (maybe) - GogoPogo

I've been toying with writing a 'real' game for the Amiga since about 1990, but never got around to it (other than a text-based version of Luna Lander, that I wrote in C). However, I recently started playing with Blitz Basic 2 again, and decided to see what I could do with respect to scrolling games, using sprites and bobs, and generally messing about.

So, here is a very early preview of GogoPogo - Pedro's Predicament.

[ Show youtube player ]

Pedro has just bought a pogo stick from his favourite toyshop and needs to get home. Unfortunately he's missed the bus, so needs to get to the Train Station. Seeing as he's not got any money left for a train ticket, and his bus ticket is not valid, he must pogo about to find enough ticket stubs to make a full ticket.

The video only has Pedro, the toyshop and another building, plus a platform, and is a demo to check that the player animation works, along with the scrolling and platform collision code.

Pedro can hop slowly, quickly, and do a big hop. He can also change direction mid-flight ('cos he's THAT good at pogo-ing).

The finished demo will be 5-screens wide (maybe with a bonus screen) and have original music (which I'm writing at the mo).

I was going to have a parallax-scrolling background, but overcooked the number of colours, so I can't. I may reduce the colours for the sequel and put a bit of parallax in for effect.

So, feel free to comment. If enough people like the concept then I'll finish it and perhaps do one of the other Pedro Pogo adventures that I have in mind.

Thanks for watching
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