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FOL, Im quite positive to AOS, AROS, MorphOS in the NG forms, even tho I for the most part use AOS 3.x myself. Got AOS4 FE thru emulation, and at the current price I cant envision myself shelling out for NG hardware (even tho my personal economy is quite healthy).

So, while I usually dont join the pitchfork bunch against AOS hardware choice, its a bit of a chicken and the egg situation.
If AOS was running on Raspberry Pi or off the shelf AMD/Intel hardware I would be very suprise if the sales of AOS wouldnt spike.
I would defintly use it much more, and SOFTWARE sales would increase aswell.
AEONKITs efforts to push for drivers and software for their hardware is applaudable (even tho it moves at glacial speeds compared to what people have gotten used to in todays day and age).

Take Cherry Darling and some other developers that support the Amiga line;
I buy their games since they both make good quality product AND cause they compile PC versions. If they hadnt made a PC version OR Classic, I would leave them with 0 monies.
And AOS4.x thru emulation doesnt support 3D demanding games etc, so...

Ive been looking at SAM 460, but it feels a bit too old, limited and even slow vs the pricetag (kinda ironic coming from a guy that spent 2-300 euros on parts for his A1200, i know).
I realise it isnt fully utilized due to lack of drivers, but thats part of the problem.

I think this is the sentiment of more people than me.

Anyhow, I do wish AeonKit all the best of luck and that software developments doesnt stagnate.
Hopefully CastAR/Jeri can be supported by AOS4.x for example (saw they are sponsors of AmiWest 2015). Tho, again software utilizing it would be needed....

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