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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
I'll say it again - NG Amiga needs to drop PowerPC (seriously, I thought it'd have been long dead by 2015!) and embrace ARM.

Make it cheap and cheerful like a Raspberry Pi and you have a massive market of tinkerers willing to play with it.

Seriously, if A-EON went after the "small computer" crazy we saw in the last 3 years instead of building a computer for the 1% (Yes. Prices are too high and it's a product for the elite. We have to deal with that) the Amiga and OS4.1 could now have an huge share of the market and be actually relevant again.

Instead they like confining themselves in a niche of a niche (the bigger niche being the Classic Amiga market).
Oh well, there goes another wasted opportunity for the Amiga ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
If it was quick and easy to jump to another architecture, theyd probably be on ARM already.. but lets face it.. developers are few and far between.. OS4.x has been actively developed for a zillion years (give or take) yet theres still no real multi-core support in the OS just to name an obvious "modern OS" feature... (Maybe a 4.2 feature, IDK)...
But yea... at this point, AMIGA would have a better fighting chance if the hardware was more like Raspberry Pi snd a little less than an overpriced PowerMac from 2006 or so...
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