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Originally posted by Unknown_K
Do you really hate the PC platform enough that you would give up a working and paid for setup to spend money on an Amiga system that wont get updated?

Hey, Im all for using what you have if it works. But when you get to the point that you give up what works and go backwards thats kinda crazy.
1. Yes, I hate the PC pretty badly. A given, I suppose.

2. It's paid for, but working? Depends on your definition.

And whoever said I was going to a 680x0-based system? My loathe affair with the PC has me seeking an alternative system, not simply an Amiga system. But the fact is, the best years of my (computing) life were spent on the Amiga. Part of it was due to great software and great games, part of it was the scene and BBS surfing, but an even larger part of it was that the OS worked, did what it was supposed to do, and there were no tricks up its sleeve making me wonder what the hell it was doing most of the time. It didn't need to be fed hundreds of megs of RAM, then still grind away at a swap file every time an app was opened! Or an endless array of bufoonery I could detail here until I reached the character limit of this message.

Being free of all of the trappings of using a PC is anything but stepping backwards. I'd rather use three different OS's, if neccesary. But I'll still keep my PC, I reckon, since WinUAE is just too good to dismiss.
Originally posted by Unknown_K
You can build your own PC's today and never give a dime of profit to the big pc makers. You can spend money on developers other then M$ (many of which are the same developers you supported on the amiga) for your apps and OS. You can even run an emulator on the PC to use your old amiga apps, and they will run faster then on the old hardware.
I knew developers on the Amiga back in the day and when I talk to them now, they have no passion for their craft anymore. All they spew is dollar signs, corporate options, cellphone banter...typical IT posturing and snobbery. I'm sure there are exceptions, but it's a bleak wasteland.

This is really not just about M$, even though my hatred of them and their software is infinite. I use quite a variety of PC's and various Windows versions at work (depending on what I am doing, I shift between machines on the job quite a bit...including the Mac). The main enjoyment I get from them is surfing web sites, which any capable computer can manage. I just find the PC platform to be a half-cocked operation across the board.
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