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Originally Posted by Nostromo View Post
I was joking.... I don't have anything against Amiga NG but I find these prices stupid. Hopefully we will have Amiga NG NG soon which will run on x86 so we can move on with affordable hardware. Just my opinion.
Now that's a sensitive subject to bring up. ;-)
Id might pitch a slightly different idea... Not sure there IS a "best solution" but IMHO, the most convenient solution for a NG Amiga that still has its own hardware would be to make it a PCIE card you put into a PC. Not sure PCIE is the best type of connector for the job and it would probably require a bit of magic to work, but you get the idea.
That way you could re-use some stuff from the PC (gfx card, sound, dvd, monitor, PSU the case itself etc..) ... desk space... but still have custom hardware.. legacy ppc... even a FPGA chip for "proper" 68k emulation. ;-)
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