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I'm having some problems with my ACA1221 (or at least, with my Amiga - not entirely sure which). It runs most things fine - all the old games I've tried, and the older demos. But whenever I try to run newer demos, it fails with:

Program failed (error #8000000b).

This is the case with virtually all post-year-2000 recent demos I've tried (I tried about a dozen and they all crashed with the same error) everything from full productions through to 4k intros. For example, Luminagia by Loonies or Starstruck by TBL. All of the demos fail with the same error - and when I soft-reset, I get a red screen. Yet older demos work fine (everything from the 90s seems to work!).

My card is fully unlocked. I'm wondering if this is failing on software which has higher RAM requirements. Can anyone help to shed any light on it?
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