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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
Yep, that's good stuff!

And another point Pyro left out (that initially came from him in the first place) was when I told him why I had to use a PC - for audio production. I explained that there were no 16-bit+ tools on the Amiga that could replace the ones I use on the PC. Almost instantly, he gave me url's that proved me wrong. And I realized then that I very likely could actually walk away from the Windows platform and survive. It will mean having to start back at square one again, but I feel capable enough to exist without the dependency on the PC (I feel like I'm trying to get rid of a bad drug habit...)

I will put my money where my mouth is and be PC-free soon enough! Call me a health nut, if you will. Born again, more like.
Do you really hate the PC platform enough that you would give up a working and paid for setup to spend money on an Amiga system that wont get updated?

Hey, Im all for using what you have if it works. But when you get to the point that you give up what works and go backwards thats kinda crazy.

You can build your own PC's today and never give a dime of profit to the big pc makers. You can spend money on developers other then M$ (many of which are the same developers you supported on the amiga) for your apps and OS. You can even run an emulator on the PC to use your old amiga apps, and they will run faster then on the old hardware.

And as far as Pyromanias speach goes, every major computer maker has made contributions to the computer industry, some major and some minor. Each has borrowed from the other systems made during and before their time. Competition breeds changes.

It would be nice if more developers picked up the amiga system, but like any non-supported technology that has seen better days, the developers move on to other platforms.

personally if somebody developed a non x86 platform tomorrow that was as open as the PC platform, faster, cheaper I would jump to it as soon as it was viable.
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