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Originally posted by Bombjacker
To all those that ars upset with the current games market -


Stop whining, do a course in game design. Yes, they do exist and change the way games are going by coming up with an original idea!.

I don;t agree with the last bit of this. I think something needs to be done, but I think it should start from a games buyer standpoint. BOYCOTT the softcos for developing crap, son't buy their shit, don't buy the umpteenth FPS game that gets churned out for the PC. That's what should need to happen for them to realize you are sick of'em. This happened with the Genesis/Megadrive. They released so many friging shmups, that people got sick of them. They stopped buying them, the flow decreased.

even if you do take a course in game design, and you do come up with an original idea, what softco will buy it? None, because they stick only to succesful formulas. No great softco is going to risk the cash in yoru crazy new idea, no matter how good it might sound. At least not here in the west.

I also must agree with the comments made about too many FPS and RTS games on the PC. But then look at most 2D shmups. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy them, but there is little difference between a lot of them. Shoot lots of space ships or whatever, collect extra weapons, kill end of level boss.
We agree that a game type has its basics that tend to stick, like you say, however, game after game after game of same old, same old, gets boring. most FPS games are just like teh previous one but with neater graphics. They all use the same fucking engine, fer pete's sake! There are TOO MANY FPS games out there, and that needs to stop. And they are all in the same stupid platform. It's like the Megadrive shmup flood, ten times worse.

3D updates are not necessaily a bad idea, as long as the developers put thought into the gameplay and don't just think that making it 3D will mean its a better game. Zelda and Mario on the N64 are excellent examples of what can be done. They are very playable and are two of the best games ever created. They have much more depth than most 2D games you are ever likely to play.
Well, as I said, Mario 64 is the only 3D roamabouter done right. The rest is pish.

Konami made Contra 3D... they killed it.
Konami made Castlevania 3D... they killed it (luckily they made it right now on the GBA)
Galaga in 3D... need I say more?

Most games get screwed up. Adding another 'dimension' to the gameplay is not such a trivial task, a LOT of thought needs to be done to not screw up the original's idea. R-Type Delta is done right, BUT they stuck with 2D gameplay, while using 3D graphics. What I like to call 2.5D. 2.5D is cool with me. (again, if done right)

End of rant, for now
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