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Have you ever opened one? It's really brute force but WORKS GREAT! The Slik Stik is the same, basically the shaft has a big steel ball in the end and a connection to ground, and when you move it it hits metal contacts firmly planted on the case. It can never break unless you are truly a beast. And of course it doesn't click, so even late at night with volume really low or off, you can peacefully play any game you want. I'm really sensitive to noise, so microswitch joysticks drive me truly insane.

I think accuracy is paramount with this. The Slik Stik's shortest response time (because it's a smaller stick) makes it perfect for games where fast reactions are needed. It tends to sometimes trick you into doing a diagonal though, but that's as far as I have found problems with it, I guess after a while I'll get used to it and won't have any problems avoiding accidental diagonal input.

I don't really think I can choose between the two. They are very similar. It will depend in the end on what kinda form factor you want. If you want smaller and maybe quicker reaction, Slik Stik. For a standard arcade-like operation, TAC-2. But they will BOTH hurt your thumb palm muscle with constant firing and holding the button.

Next, I want to try the Suncom Starfighter. It's a TAC-2 with a different stick. But they are pricey and maybe not worth my hassle. That's the other advantage of the Slik Stik, at least in the US, they can be found much cheaper than TAC-2s and Starfighters.
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