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AmiDuke - New Duke Nukem 3D port for AGA

I recently found my old AGA port of Duke Nukem 3D on my hard drive so I thought I'd better upload it to AmiNet before it was lost forever

I can't remember why I never release it

Just gave it a quick go on my A1200 and it seems to work OK

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My port was based on the old Atari and Amiga ports with some stuff stolen from Fabien Sanglard's excellent Chocolate Duke port.


1) An AGA Amiga (PAL only) with a 68060 processor
2) AHI installed (v4.18 highly recommended for real 68k users)
3) 3.1 ROMS (3.0 ROMS may cause it to run slowly)
4) A copy of the PC Duke Nukem 3D data files (must be the Atomic version)


1) No network or multi-player support
2) No RTG support
3) No music support (sorry guys)

Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
This port uses AHI, it's really important that people use v4.18 of AHI with one of the 'FAST' modes set to be used in the AHI Prefs otherwise it will run slow on a real Amiga (this is true for any of my ports that use AHI).

BTW Boing Bags 3/4 will upgrade your Amiga to v6.x of AHI so check what version you are actually running.
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