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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
Are you kidding me? Ishar 3 was way easier to me; in Ishar 2 sometimes is really a guessing game just where the heck you're supposed to go next and on which island, with almost no hint at all. Ishar 3 at least usually points you in the right direction.

Of course it does have the really hateful moments where you can screw up and not be able to progress anymore, I can't remember if Ishar 2 had those.
I finished Ishar 2 without knowing that the end boss was an end boss, and got surprised when seeing the end scene... On the other hand, the Ishar 3 dragon was not just another monster !

I also screwed up a few times more in Ishar 3 than in the 2.
In the 2 when you have explored some area, well, it's explored and that's all. In the 3, things have changed after you return and you have to reexplore every part to find "the" thing that you have to do.
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