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I want an A1000

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Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
And just to clarify, by "raw footage" I meant just taking the existing video that was filmed and simply saving as MP4 (or even just the sound as an MP3) and being done with it. No editing required, let's see what the original questions were and everything Richard had to say! I'm sure there's loads of others that would love to hear the whole thing...

Good luck ReadOnlyCat in asking about it!
Not as simple as it sounds. There are bad takes in there, awkward and possibly uncomfortable moments (usually on the interviewee's part), audio/video/lighting technical issues that film-makers want to forget (let alone publish to the world) and several other things that justify why that material was cut in the first place. So, the "no editing required and just upload the files" notion is unrealistic at best. A lot of work will be required since what we're essentially asking here is a massive, "expanded director's cut". Nobody really wants (or should want) the "raw files".
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