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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Monster Regeneration in DM is usually because of a player action like a switch so it is not too annoying.
Monster generators are normally invisible pressure plates. You step on some cell and it generates a monster on some other cell. Then the generator gets disabled for a while.
This is bearable on DM1, but on DM2 it's the constant flood in some areas, even if you don't move...

Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Meynaf even added an inscription on the wall like "supplies" to one of his maps where you step on a pressure plate to regenerate screamers. His maps and puzzles are well designed being competitive with the original DM at times. Play his original DM map (if you have AmigaOS 3.x) as it has advantages like being more system friendly, no copy protection, HD installable, magic mapping, drinking from fountains without a container, clicking on walls to detect if they are invisible, etc.
And last version has integrated csb utility disk
It can also play the end sequence from the pc version.

Originally Posted by matthey View Post
It is faithful to the original and mostly bug free.
What ? "Mostly" ? Speak if you know something

Originally Posted by matthey View Post
The other big exploit is reloading if stat gains are not good. Meynaf was looking into fixing this by pre-rolling stat gains.
I use an average. When previously you had 50% chances of gaining 1 point, now you'll gain that point every two levels.

Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
It really pays to learn their meaning rather than just remember the numbers.
Well, for some spells the logic is hard to find...

Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
Come on everybody, let's all join and do a War Cry together! EEEYaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
Too bad this option disappeared in DM2.
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